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Pam Gems


New version for the Donmar Warehouse, London, 2008 | German by Roman Hinze

Premiere 18.09.2020
Location Großer Saal Musiktheater
Duration 02 hrs. 40 min.
More Dates will be announced shortly.


Édith Piaf was a force of nature. Her numerous lovers, all of whom sooner or later fell from grace and were quickly replaced by a successor, could tell you a thing or two about it. Édith was free and dangerous, had seen and done everything, and that could be seen and heard.
In 1978 Pam Gems wrote the biographical musical Piaf for the Royal Shakespeare Company, which quickly conquered stages all over the world. In bursting scenes, she suddenly illuminates stations from Édith Piaf's fascinating life. The play is peppered with Édith Piaf's great chansons such as "L'accordéoniste", "Padam", "La vie en rose", "Mon dieu", "Milord" and "Non, je ne regrette rien". A parade role for audience favourite Daniela Dett.


Piaf Daniela Dett © Reinhard WinklerPiaf Ensemble © Reinhard WinklerPiaf Daniela Dett, Ensemble © Reinhard WinklerPiaf Christian Fröhlich, Nina Weiß, Gernot Romic © Reinhard WinklerPiaf Karsten Kenzel, Daniela Dett © Reinhard WinklerPiaf Lukas Sandmann © Reinhard WinklerPiaf Nina Weiß © Reinhard WinklerPiaf Nina Weiß, Hanna Kastner © Reinhard WinklerPiaf Daniela Dett © Reinhard WinklerPiaf David Arnsperger, Daniela Dett © Reinhard WinklerPiaf Gernot Romic, Daniela Dett © Reinhard WinklerPiaf Daniela Dett, Sanne Mieloo © Philip BrunnaderPiaf Celina dos Santos © Reinhard WinklerPiaf Christian Fröhlich, Daniela Dett © Reinhard WinklerPiaf Daniela Dett © Reinhard WinklerPiaf Hanna Kastner, Daniela Dett © Reinhard WinklerPiaf Daniela Dett © Reinhard WinklerPiaf Daniela Dett © Reinhard Winkler


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Édith Piaf
Daniela Dett
Nina Weiß
Sanne Mieloo
Madeleine / Ensemble
Hanna Kastner
Celina dos Santos
Krankenschwester / Ensemble
Hanna Kastner
Celina dos Santos
Bruno / Soldat / Ensemble
Karsten Kenzel
Leplée / Georges / Msr. Vaimbert / Ensemble
Peter-Andreas Landerl
Émil / Inspektor / Boche 1 / Louis / Ensemble
Gernot Romic
Jean / Raymond / Marcel / Yves / Ensemble
David Arnsperger
Eddie / Boche 2 / Amerikanischer Offiziert / Lucien / Dealer / Theo / Ensemble
Christian Fröhlich
Petit Louis / Charles / Solo Compagnon / Ensemble
Lukas Sandmann
Édith Piaf (in einzelnen Vorstellungen)
Hanna Kastner