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Chris Haring's today's look at the ballet classic

Instead of dancing swans and languishing princes, the post-romantic version of Swan Lake in Chris Haring's choreographic production shows a flowing, a becoming of gestures and languages that points to the indeterminate, transitory nature of the human being. The choreographer holds up broken mirrors to the bodies. His play with being and appearance, his handling of mirror images and mirages, plumbs the foreign in the own and the technical in the natural.
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A 3-G certificate is currently not required. Wearing an FFP2 mask while visiting the theatre is recommended.
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Bombastic! A total work of art!

The Titanic was said to be "practically unsinkable" in 1912 before her maiden voyage. But then she hits an iceberg in the North Atlantic and kills more than 1,500 people. In their multi-award-winning musical, composer Maury Yeston and author Peter Stone trace the diverse fates of crew members and passengers. The historical material is transformed into a timeless stage work with impressive ensemble numbers and large-scale orchestrated music. The director is Simon Eichenberger. Tom Bitterlich conducts the Bruckner Orchestra Linz.
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Mozart's "Le nozze di Figaro"

The story could be quite simple: Figaro loves Susanna, Susanna loves Figaro and they want to marry. If it weren't for Count Almaviva, an absolutist ruler and a womaniser, who also has his sights set on Susanna and forgets all about his wife, who loves him dearly. The rousing, comic, touching story of Le nozze di Figaro unfolds in the space of a single day and tells of love, passion and intrigue to spectacular music in one of the core pieces of European opera. The production is directed by François De Carpentries and conducted by Markus Poschner of the Bruckner Orchestra Linz.
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Verdi's most spectacular opera "Aida" at the Musiktheater

The fact that the mezzo-soprano desires the tenor, who in turn passionately loves the soprano, is a basic constellation familiar from countless operas. This situation is often combined with the fact that tenor and soprano belong to opposing camps. Giuseppe Verdi also uses this plot pattern in his Aida. But his musical approach is so sensitive and his dramaturgy so skilful, allowing intimate scenes to meet spectacular mass performances, that it is a real pleasure and delight for all opera lovers (and those who want to be)!
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Glitter costumes, big hearts and hits non-stop!

Travesty performers Tick, Adam and Bernadette set off on the journey of a lifetime across the Australian outback in a beat-up bus called Priscilla. In Alice Springs, a performance opportunity awaits them, but also a difficult reunion: Tick is to meet his young son Benji there! - In the musical adaptation of the Oscar-winning 1995 film, numerous dance floor hits from "It's Raining Men" to "Go West" resound. For the first time in Austria: glittering costumes, big hearts and hits non-stop!
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You can look forward to a diverse range of offers!

On our net stage we present selected productions of our programme as recordings of our stage performance, lovingly shot film versions, but also videos around our performances. We are convinced that the best way to experience theatre is live in the auditorium, but if a pandemic throws a spanner in the works, or life happens while you were making other plans, but you don't want to miss out on enjoying the arts - here you can visit us at any time and enjoy the best possible alternative!
The offer will be continuously expanded in the near future. You can be curious!


Linz has a new cultural landmark: the Musiktheater am Volksgarten

Since 2013, Linz has had a new cultural landmark: the Musiktheater am Volksgarten, Europe’s most modern opera house, which is where the operas, operettas, musicals and dance productions of the Landestheater Linz are put on. The new building stands out because of its excellent acoustics, high level of visitor comfort and state-of-the-art stage technology.

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Wearing an FFP2 mask while visiting the theatre is recommended.