The Musiktheater am Volksgarten


In 2013, the Landestheater Linz was granted its new, long-awaited location: the Musiktheater am Volksgarten. Following four decades of political debate regarding the cultural facilities, it became the home of the opera/operetta, ballet, the newly established musical section and the Bruckner Orchestra Linz after four years of construction work – within budget and on schedule – on 11 April 2013. With the most state-of-the-art opera house in Europe, which was designed by London architect Terry Pawson from the Architektur Consult ZT GmbH and Archinauten, as well as the technical, architectural and ecological properties of the new building and its remarkable audience comfort, a new cultural era has dawned.

The fascination of theatre begins in the auditorium – whether in the Großer Saal (Main Hall, with up to 1,200 seats), the BlackBox (with up to 270 seats), the BlackBox Lounge (with up to 150 seats), the Orchestersaal (Orchestra Hall, with up to 200 seats) or on the FoyerBühne (Foyer Stage, with various seating arrangements possible).

The audience is also welcome to visit, however, even if there are no performances, since they can delve into the subject material in the KlangFoyer (Sound Foyer) in an entertaining way. This path of experiences, which is unique to the world of theatre, was created in co-operation with the Ars Electronica Futurelab and holds many surprises for your senses. The theatre can therefore be considered a place where you can sense the presence of the artists and audience whilst at the same time experiencing the dynamic development of media technology.

PDF-Download Musiktheater Linz/Austria 2016/2017