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Maciej Kuźmiński


A dance piece by Maciej Kuźmiński

First Release 09.02.2024
Location Schauspielhaus

Unfortunately, this production is no longer on the schedule


Memory House is a lyrical and ecstatic journey into the eternal heart of myth mapped on the human body in an atmosphere of dream and remembrance. A mysterious tribe of people, covered in ash, recall figures from the ancients, including Sisyphus, the clever trickster condemned to roll a boulder up a mountain only to fall and start again, the Satyr, half man, half goat master of music and Dionysian eros, and the Fates, the three women who wove the destiny of humanity. Framed against a gigantic wave inspired by Japanese woodcuts and the sun drenched skate parks of California, it is both a kinetic, and meditative work, mixing fiery contemporary dance with Zen-like installation art. In Maciej Kuzminski's signature complex and symbolic choreography, underscored by a richly diverse musical score spanning experimental composers like John Luther Adams to famous artists like Frederic Chopin and Phillip Glass, the brilliant dancers of the TANZ LINZ team explore the outer limits of their physicality and endurance. Inspired by the private memories of the dancers and the eternal memory house of ancient mythology, the performance balances at the apex of the personal and the metaphoric, in leaps that defy gravity, and inspire the spirit.