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Season 2022/2023

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Jeanine Tesori | Lisa Kron

Fun Home

Musical based on the graphic novel by Alison Bechdel
Music by Jeanine Tesori 
Book and lyrics by Lisa Kron
German by Roman Hinze
In German language

German Language Premiere 14.04.2023
Location BlackBox Musiktheater
Duration 01 hrs. 40 min.
More Dates will be announced shortly.


Alison Bechdel's 2006 graphic novel Fun Home - A Family Tragicomic opened up a new world for the genre. In it, Bechdel tells of her own coming of age in the family funeral home ("Funeral Home," jokingly shortened by the family to "Fun Home"), her coming out, her difficult relationship with her bisexual father, who (presumably) commits suicide when she is 19. Her unsparing yet loving and humorous account of her family became a bestseller and was translated into German by literary critic Dennis Scheck, among others.

The musical was developed by Lisa Kron and Jeanine Tesori for five years before the 2015 Broadway production won five Tony Awards (Best Musical, Book, Score, Director and Lead Actor). The role of Alison was split among three performers: the narrator, who is working on her graphic novel; the young college student coming out; and the 10-year-old, who spends a childhood at the "Fun Home" with her brothers that is both carefree and unusual, unaware of how troubled her parents' marriage is.


Fun Home  Sanne Mieloo © Reinhard WinklerFun Home  Benjamin Kirchschläger, Karsten Kenzel, Michael Falkner, Rosa Gruber, Daniela Dett © Reinhard WinklerFun Home  Celina dos Santos, Bettina Schurek © Reinhard WinklerFun Home  Karsten Kenzel, Christian Fröhlich © Reinhard WinklerFun Home  Bettina Schurek © Reinhard WinklerFun Home  Daniela Dett © Reinhard WinklerFun Home  Rosa Gruber, Karsten Kenzel © Reinhard WinklerFun Home  Sanne Mieloo, Karsten Kenzel © Reinhard Winkler


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Sanne Mieloo
Mittlere Alison / Susan Dey 1
Celina dos Santos
Bruce Bechdel
Karsten Kenzel
Helen Bechdel
Daniela Dett
Roy / Mark / Pete / Bobby Jeremy
Christian Fröhlich
Joan / Susan Dey 2
Bettina Schurek
Kleine Alison
Rosa Gruber
Helena Unger
Christian Bechdel
Gabriel Federspieler
Benjamin Kirchschläger
John Bechdel
Michael Falkner
Gabriel Federspieler