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Andrey Kaydanovskiy | Peter I. Tschaikowsky

The Sleeping Beauty

Dance piece by Andrey Kaydanovskiy
Music by Peter I. Tchaikovsky

Premiere 23.12.2022

Unfortunately, this production is no longer on the schedule


Andrey Kaydanovskiy is a storyteller without being strikingly narrative. His choreography is elegant and surprisingly humorous. Andrey Kaydanovskiy gives Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky's most successful story ballet, first performed in 1890 in St. Petersburg in the choreography of Marius Petipa, a contemporary narrative and lets it arrive in the present.

In Kaydanovskiy's interpretation, Sleeping Beauty lives isolated in a world shaped by hedonism, in which he creates a social panorama in a kind of chamber play. Only through a fall does she land on the ground of facts. She falls into a deep sleep, in which the unconscious comes to the surface. Sleeping Beauty finally awakens in a reality that is new to her and that will make her a self-confident and self-determined woman. With a lot of humor bordering on absurdity, Andrey Kaydanovskiy deals with the difficult process of growing up and emancipation from the parents' generation and the parental home. He creates the story of the search for self-determined freedom and identity - but also tells of inconceivable strength, beauty, love and longing.