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John Cage

Europeras 3 & 4

Music theatre
Production of the Upper Austrian Opera Studio

Premiere 19.11.2021
Location BlackBox Musiktheater
Duration 02 hrs. 00 min.
More Dates will be announced shortly.


"Whatever cage you are in, you have to leave it" is the credo of the most famous experimental composer of the 20th century, John Cage.
20th century, John Cage. With mischievousness and sensuality, the American takes on one of the perhaps strangest art forms of old Europe, the opera, in his Europeras. In a precisely defined experimental arrangement of time, space and coincidence, he subjects well-known arias of the European opera repertoire to an equally sober and mysterious examination in order to rediscover them. Sung live or from the tape, the audience experiences a cosmos of memories of the heyday of opera, individually or merged into a cacophony of hits.

The title of the work is a combination of the terms "opera", "Europe" and the distancing "Your(s)". Cage's intention here: "The Europeans have showered us with their operas for centuries - and now I am giving it all back to them at once."